to my teacher
as the next time we meet about work is never
let's meet about the weather or the time of day
let's meet about dust or sacks of gold
air or water, crust or clay
let's meet about what you cannot know
or what you think and cannot say
reason, rhyme, fact, fancy
poem, prose or play
opposites attract

dry to my sweet
blue to my red
cool to my heat
rise to my bed
straight to my round
light to my black
hard to my down
front to my back
bone to my flesh
in to my out
slow to my rush
hush to my shout
beat to my rest
mind to my soul
goal to my quest
part to my whole
thought to my feel
doubt to my guess
wish to my real
no to my yes
spear to my wheel
tower to my tree
lost to my found
bound to my free


An instant is enough

in oily eyes the sun floated
and our throats full of the tide
were laughing utterly gently ‘til
a smile bit his face
and hers
twin devils met

he turned her head
she clothed his gaze
too late
the searing tongue
she let inside
still sucks and spits

it twisted
and grew nails
pushed thumbs into her lips
and scraped at his strong hair
to show a sapling vein
pulsate and spill

an instant is enough
to tell what might have been
the start, the end
nothing between

how to break up

decides then attacks
with a clean sweep
of a sharp axe
as if humanity were flint
to cut and pare
into finite
line and square

she knows
relationship is life
which grows
and bleeds
on the knife
and needs
to heal
the seal of
humour, forgiveness


i said that love for him

I said that love for him
might be like masturbation
I was wrong
a wank is ten times as amusing
twice as long


be consoled

be consoled
he had to give you
neither gold
nor heart nor house
and how would you have ever nursed
the cursed issue of a
girl and mouse?


the dear Joan letter

why reply to a dear Joan letter
if you’re upset, make him upsetter
when you recall his meanest curse
recall that yours were ten times worse
for all the hurt that you incurred
you deserve the final word
now you know he’s a lousy fucker
ignore the chuck and be the chucker


yours truly

I hoped one day I might be hailed
with an affectionate ‘Dear’
and was
when I received the letter
he curtailed
with apologies sincere


what to call what we had

friendship of a sort:

love of a kind:

affair liaison fling tryst
at least we kissed

we bonded
well, we corresponded

almost mates
we had two dates

in a manner of speaking we were together
bluff and blether


a golden rule

never believe a word of a man
before he lies
but afterwards he’ll speak (or sleep)
without disguise
men profess so to exploit us
then confess
post coitus


wrong little dickie bird

I thought his name meant rock
but it means small
he wasn’t big enough
to break the fall
of cradle baby all
but once he’d owned me
simply stoned me
and his name was one of many words
I misconstrued
like serious
bowl me over
change my life
and I’d
and you’d


don’t have sex with oedipus rex

never date a man
who loves his mum
too much:
he may despise you
but the man
who hates her
if you love him
crucifies you


is this a dovey love?

is this a dovey love?
a red moon rising over southern sea shooting star peppered sky
abovey love?
a smile to make you wet kiss to make you sweat bodies closing like skin in pigskin glovey love?
it’s another
unlovey one love game of shoot and shove, love