Drawing on my experience as a performer - actress, comic, musician, singer - and as a teacher of presentation skills (on my Performance Power courses) I now give one-to-one performance coaching in Clifton, Bristol, UK. 

Your goal could be – to come across well in an interview, audition for acting school, give a wedding speech, stand up in court, make a complaint or difficult request, read aloud, sing a song... any situtation in which you need to present yourself well to some kind of audience and would benefit from a few rehearsals with intelligent useful feedback. I use a variety of techniques, including relaxation, breathing, voice and performance exercises, songs with piano accompaniment, poems, speeches, video and sound recording. I can also help with writing material. I guarantee that I can help you face your fears more confidently and perform more effectively as a result.

Fees are negotiable. Please contact me for a free consultation.

Sarah Ménage BA Theatre Arts, MA, FAETC